Why this Clinic

Because you want the best treatment for your problem!

Our clinic results speak for themselves. It is the combination of different techniques that is the key to the successful treatments we are able to provide to you, our patient.

We help people others can’t

Michael Butler established this clinic in 1999 and has earned an outstanding reputation for achieving remarkable results for the hundreds of patients who have come seeking answers to their vast array of health problems.

A wide range of treatment modalities

Michael has expertise in a wide range of treatment methods. There is no single treatment method that is the perfect answer for every patient’s problem. Therefore, Michael will select the best method (or combination of methods) that is appropriate for each of his patients. When you come to the clinic, your treatment will be personalized to address your specific needs.

SCENAR Therapy Available

Michael is a specialist in SCENAR Therapy and he will use this very effective and versatile technique at some stage in the treatment of most of his patients. However, even the Russian medical scientists who developed SCENAR will acknowledge that treatment results will be enhanced by including other supporting techniques, when it is appropriate to do so.

Experienced and qualified

Michael has had over twenty years of clinical experience, not just one year of the same experience repeated ten times! He is constantly attending professional development workshops, courses and seminars to keep up-to-date with the best clinical treatment methods available to serve you in the best possible way.

Treating you in our Clinic

For patients with restricted mobility, we are prepared to visit and treat them in their homes
or facilities. However, patients generally prefer to come in to our clinic at Westbourne
Park, where we have immediate access to all our resources and aids to treat you in the most
effective way.

Fully adjustable table

Our electric treatment table is fully adjustable to help patients with restricted movement to
get onto the table and rest comfortably while undertaking the treatment.

We can lower or reshape the table for easy patient access, and then adjust the table to a workable height for the practitioner.

Once the treatment has been completed, we can then lower the table so that the patient can comfortably and gracefully step onto the floor again.

How to get the *best* results

Patients who get the best results are those who undertake to participate in gentle exercises and activities appropriate for their situation as recommended by Michael.


“Exercises only work if you actually do them…”