Testimonial – Dr Vladimir Zagorodnyuk

I am Dr Vladimir Zagorodnyuk – senior research officer at the Department of Human Physiology of Flinders University. I would like to express my appreciation to Michael Butler for his treatment of my upper back problems by using a variety of musculoskeletal therapy techniques including SCENAR technology.

My work as a research scientist involves spending long hours in front of a microscope and computer. In addition, I have always had poor posture. Over the years I developed a chronic upper back pain due to the dystrophic changes in my spine and narrowing of the intervertebral spaces (as was evident on the X-ray images).

I was treated for more that 8 months by a chiropractor without success. What’s more, my upper back pain and clear disbalance between left and right shoulders were clearly exacerbated during the chiropractor treatment. I also started suffering from headaches at that time. I found out about a new method for the treatment of chronic back pain – SCENAR technique – on the internet. That is how I contacted Michael Butler who is the only practitioner in Adelaide, fully accredited to use this method.

My first visit to Michael left me quite amazed. Although his treatment was quite subtle and very non-invasive (huge contrast to the chiropractor), it brought about an immediate and substantial improvement to my condition. After that initial visit to Michael, my left shoulder dropped ~ 3.5 cm and pain and muscle spasms in my upper back disappeared for a while. For the next 2 months I kept attending the chiropractor’s clinic until I realized that I was on a “see-saw”: the chiropractor was harming me on Wednesdays, while Michael was “clearing the damage” on Fridays. I then gave up on the chiropractor and instead trusted Michael to fix me.

From then onwards I came to Michael once or twice a month for about 4 months and my upper back pain and discomfort improved significantly. Actually, I can now say that I am free from pain and happy again. I would like to emphasize that Michael used a combination of different techniques for my back problem. He usually combines SCENAR with his modification of Dorn and Bowen techniques. I believe that this combination was the key for my successful treatment.

Once again I would like to thank Michael Butler and I will definitely recommend his gentle and non-invasive approach and treatment methods to anyone who is suffering from back pain or other musculoskeletal problems.

Michael has also successfully helped me to recover from a recent wrist/lower arm fracture.

Dr Vladimir Zagorodnyuk
Senior Research Officer
Department of Human Physiology
Flinders University of South Australia
Tel: 61-8-8204-8945
Fax: 61-8-8204-5768
e-mail address: [email protected]

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