Testimonial – Feres Trabilsie

Feres Trabilsie

To one of life’s natural healers and true gentlemen:

My sincere thanks for your very professional service that you give me. You are a caring and healing man, a very special person who I respect and you are a credit to the profession you serve.

Not many – and I have experienced many in my 86 years – can even get close to your healing technique. You have delivered me from back pain like no other and have helped me to cope with old age.

You have equipped me with a legacy I did not expect in my old age. Your treatments and exercises have made me as fit as I have ever been, and that enables me to be comfortable even if I am unable to attend for your regular expert treatments.

You will contribute to many lives for which God will always bless you and guide you.

I thank you and God for the day we met. Please remember me as a person who appreciates you as a genuine healer and friend. You are in my prayers.

Yours, in gratitude,

Feres Trabilsie

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