Testimonial – Dr Judy Ford

I visited Michael Butler as one last try after seeing over 30 other therapists and doctors. The therapists included Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Bowen Therapists, Neuro-Kinetic Therapists, Masseurs, Doctors who performed Prolotherapy, Podiatrists, Sports Medicine Doctors and Orthopaedic Specialists. I had also worked with Hydrotherapy, Tai Chi and Pilates. Some of these practitioners or exercises (especially the exercises) gave me some relief of my symptoms but after 2½ years I wasn’t much better than I was after 6 months.

My “condition” started approximately 2½ years ago after a couple of weeks in which I played golf (and tried to change my swing) and lifted and carried several heavy objects. The objects in question, a carpet square and 3 heavy framed paintings each required me to twist as I carried them. And in each case I carried the object more than 500 metres. This was incredibly stupid….. DON’T DO THIS!

First symptom: left leg collapsing under body weight and acute pain in lower back. Second symptom whilst trying to walk: amazing twisting sensation that seemed to involve pelvis and rib cage. Ongoing symptoms: twisted pelvis giving large difference in effective leg length, progressive osteo-arthritic changes, difficulty walking, “hobbling” and often requiring a walking stick; inability to bend down, inability to stand up from a chair without assistance (eg from pushing on the seat of the chair), inability to rotate hips, virtually no sideways movement of legs. At first I suffered severe pain, especially at night in groin, hips and legs. This reduced after about 8 months to low grade chronic pain mostly at night.

I have seen Michael four times. I am not yet completely cured but he has restored my balance, my knees no longer turn inwards when I stand and I can stand up from a chair without assistance. I am also about 80% less stiff than I was after sitting, especially at my computer. I can walk faster and yesterday could almost perform the action of a “breast stroke kick”. One of my friends said that I no longer roll my left foot over when I walk.

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