Testimonial – Anne Miller

I had suffered constant pain for 3-4 years as a result of falls that caused bursitis in both hips. Then I developed a lumbar spinal rotation, accompanied by referred pain down both legs.

I had tried numerous forms of treatment, including doctors and specialists, acupuncture, massage, musculoskeletal therapy and chiropractic. At best, some of these treatments brought slight temporary pain relief. Because I was unable to sleep well, I was always tired and my despair and frustration continued to grow.

I went to see Michael Butler because he offered a different approach. To treat my situation, he used a combination of different treatment methods, including SCENAR, Emmett and Dorn therapies. Treatment brought about some relief almost straight away, but the extent of my problems required weekly sessions for some ten weeks to overcome the full extent of the issues that no-one else could resolve. As Michael explained to me, there were major postural and bio-mechanical abnormalities that required to be corrected to return by body to proper function

Now it is great to be able to sleep well for the whole night and to be able to go through the day without pain and not be feeling tired all the time.

I believe that it is the unique combination of treatment methods Michael uses that have enabled me to overcome my pain and dysfunction and to regain my health.

I can strongly recommend Michael’s services. Do not continue to suffer pain when Michael can bring you the relief you need!

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