I would like to express my appreciation to Michael Butler for his treatment of my upper back problems by using a variety of musculoskeletal therapy techniques including SCENAR technology. Read more.

Dr Vladimir Zagorodnyuk *

Senior Research Officer, Dept Human Physiology, Flinders University

I would like to express my appreciation to Michael for the work he has done, and continues to do, for me. I can strongly recommend his clinic work, especially SCENAR therapy, to anyone who suffers pain and physical immobility. Read more.

Grace Schirripa *

Michael has restored my balance, my knees no longer turn inwards when I stand and I can stand up from a chair without assistance. I am also about 80% less stiff than I was after sitting, especially at my computer. Read more.

Dr Judy Ford *

Michael used a combination of different treatment methods, including SCENAR, Emmett and Dorn therapies. Treatment brought about some relief almost straight away, but the extent of my problems required weekly sessions for some ten weeks to overcome the full extent of the issues that no-one else could resolve. Read more

Anne Miller *

Not many – and I have experienced many in my 86 years – can even get close to your healing technique. You have delivered me from back pain like no other and have helped me to cope with old age. Read more

Feres Trabilsie *

Michael treated me with the SCENAR device, which has proved to provide a lot of benefits for me. I am now free from pain and am very grateful that my path crossed with this practitioner, who uses such remarkable healing methods. Read more

Alba Barrientos *

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