Some patients ask if they can purchase their own SCENAR device to complement in-clinic SCENAR Therapy. This is an excellent question,  and yes, Michael RE Butler can supply SCENAR devices for private use, but as you can imagine there are some important caveats that warrant further consideration.

Before launching into this discussion, there’s some important background we need to cover first.

Understanding SCENAR Therapy and Technology

SCENAR devices use electrical impulses to stimulate the nervous system, promoting the body’s natural healing processes. The device sends out a series of signals through the skin and measures the response. Each signal is only sent out when a response to the previous signal is received, making it a responsive and dynamic treatment.


Benefits of SCENAR Therapy

Pain Relief

SCENAR is primarily known for its ability to alleviate pain, including chronic pain, without the need for medication.

Promotes Healing

It stimulates the body’s healing processes, aiding in recovery from injuries and surgeries.


SCENAR can be used for various conditions, from musculoskeletal issues to chronic ailments.

Non-Invasive & Safe

With minimal side effects, SCENAR Therapy is a safe alternative for those who cannot tolerate certain medications.

Supplimental SCENAR Treatments between Clinic Visits

Having your own personal SCENAR device is not a replacement for having a treatment provided by a trained professional who specializes in SCENAR therapy and has the expertise to integrate other appropriate treatment methods within a session.

The outcomes attained by an integrated treatment can be much more effective than using the brilliance of SCENAR in isolation.

However, to supplement your professional SCENAR treatment by being able to use your own personal device in between professional appointments is an ideal option.

Considerations Before Buying a SCENAR Device

Training & Expertise

Proper usage is crucial for SCENAR effectiveness.

Michael Butler will provide training to suit your needs.


SCENAR devices can be expensive, ranging from 2,000+ for a device that will be easy to operate in your home.

Quality and Brand

Michael can guide you through the suitable SCENAR models for at-home use.

Regulations & Compliance

Ensure the SCENAR device meets health and safety standards in South Australia.

 A Word of Warning for Potential SCENAR Buyers

There are numerous bogus devices on the market that are claimed to be SCENAR machines but they are not SCENAR. No matter how eye-catching the sleek outer casing may be, if it does not have genuine RITM SCENAR componentry inside it cannot produce SCENAR treatment results.

The price of the product is certainly not a fair indication of its authenticity. Several years ago, a lady made an appointment to bring her daughter to see me for treatment and also asked if I could provide some training to use her own personal SCENAR machine.

When the lady came in and showed me her machine, I was horrified. She had purchased the machine online from Germany at a cost of $16,000 and it was not even SCENAR! There was no documentation with the device and it was completely useless.

If you do wish to buy your own SCENAR Machine, I can advise you, supply and train you to use the most suitable device for your own personal needs.

​Risks and Limitations

While SCENAR is generally safe, there are potential risks, especially if used improperly:

  • Misdiagnosis of conditions, leading to delayed treatment.
  • Overuse or incorrect application can cause skin irritation or other issues.
  • Not suitable for everyone, including those with pacemakers or pregnant women.

Buying a SCENAR Device?

If you aren’t certain, call Michael to discuss this further.