Sports & Injury Treatment

Physical exercise has numerous benefits for all of us. Everyone should practice a regular exercise routine that is suited to the person’s level of health and fitness.

However, people who actively take part in competitive sport subject their bodies to a greater physical stress than do those who are less active. It is, therefore, important that sports people receive the appropriate support therapy to help in preparing and maintaining their bodies in the best possible condition. 

Serious active sports people need an ongoing pro-active treatment programme to optimize performance and to guard against succumbing to injuries, rather than only seeking treatment when injuries arise.

When is Sport & Injury Treatment used?

  • Before training and competition – to develop the strength, flexibility and suppleness needed for the rigours of the physical activity. A body that feels loose and unrestricted is both physically and psychologically able to perform better.
  • After training and competition – to assist the body to recover quickly and get rid of stiffness, soreness and tiredness.
  • When injury occurs – to overcome the injury and get back into training and competition as quickly as possible. There is nothing more frustrating for sportspeople than to be prevented by injury from doing what they love doing.   Our goal in the clinic is always to enable the injured person to return to activity as quickly as possible. However, sometimes it is necessary to advise the athlete to cease physical activity for a few days while the treatment takes effect.   It is far better to have a few days with no training than to resume training too soon and end up being unable to train for a few weeks.

What methods are used in Sport & Injury Treatment?

There is no “one size fits all” method that is effective for all Sport & Injury Treatment. The specific treatment method used will be chosen according to the individual’s needs.

Usually, a combination of treatment methods will be used to achieve the best results.  This clinic is not restricted to only one mode of treatment and has many different methods that can be used.