Health & Fitness Training

We provide customized Health & Fitness Training programmes for general health and wellbeing, weight management, sport-specific fitness and work-related fitness needs.

Why would I want to do Health & Fitness Training?

Your reasons for deciding to improve your state of health can be varied:

  • Perhaps there’s a family wedding coming up and you must look your best in the wedding photos.
  • You want to be able to fit into that lovely outfit that used to look so good on you.
  • You’re tired of always feeling tired.
  • Your doctor has warned you that your body will not continue to stand up to many years of neglect.
  • You’d like to be fit enough to play with the children or grandchildren.
  • You want to become involved, or more involved, in active sport.
  • You just realize that you have been neglecting your body for far too long.

Whatever your reasons for making the change for the better, we can help you.

What does a Health & Fitness Training programme include?

Regardless of whether you have never previously considered looking after your health and fitness, or if you are already a committed fitness addict, there are certain basic elements that should form a part of any successful health and fitness programme. These essentials include:

Aerobic Fitness
Aerobic exercise enables you to breathe faster and more deeply, thereby maximizing the amount of oxygen in your blood. The better your aerobic fitness, the more efficiently your heart, lungs and blood vessels will transport oxygen throughout your body.   Then it will be easier for you to complete routine daily physical tasks and to meet unexpected challenges, such as running to your car in the pouring rain.

Aerobic exercise is any physical activity that uses large muscle groups and increases your heart rate, eg walking, jogging, bike riding, swimming, dancing, even gardening and housework.

Muscular Fitness
Muscular strength training can help you to reduce your body fat, increase your lean muscle mass and burn calories more efficiently. Stronger muscles will also protect your joints from injury and boost your stamina.

We can teach you some simple, fun, routines that will strengthen your muscles.

Most aerobic and strength training activities cause your muscles to contract and flex. For balance in your fitness program, it’s important also to stretch your muscles.   Stretching can increase your flexibility, improves the range of motion of your joints, and promote better posture and circulation. Regular stretching can even relieve stress and help prevent injury, especially if your muscles or joints are tight.

These benefits from stretching only apply if you stretch the correct way.  We will show you how to stretch properly, and it will not hurt!

Core Stability
The muscles in your abdomen, lower back and pelvis  (known as your core muscles) support balance and provide stability. The strengthening of your core muscles is essential, and we can show you some easy ways to achieve this, including sitting with good posture on a fitness ball.

Nutrition and Diet
You wouldn’t think of trying to run your car on the wrong fuel. If your car has a petrol engine, you will use petrol, not dishwater! Yet how many people try to make their bodies run on the wrong fuel? Filling our bodies with junk food is the equivalent of pouring dishwater into the petrol tank.

We can help you to choose the right diet for you, and the food will be enjoyable and nourishing. You can become healthier and lose those unwanted kilos in the process.

Adequate rest and recovery is a vital ingredient in any health, fitness and exercise programme.

When we exercise, if we have not yet recovered from the previous exercise session, we will progressively wear-out the body and become progressively worse, not better.

We will, therefore, plan your programme so that the intensity of your exercise will enable you to recover properly before the next work-out, provided that you get the sleep that you need.

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Who is Health & Fitness Training suitable for?

Everybody! Young or old, active or inactive capacity, we can all benefit from an appropriate health & fitness programme. The training programmes we provide are specifically to match individual needs and capabilities.