Biomesotherapy (Biopuncture)

Biomesotherapy is a technique used in Homotoxicology that combines two well-proven healing methods – acupuncture and homoeopathy.

Biomesotherapy Although this therapy is fairly new to Australia, it has been used in Germany (and progressively in the rest of the world) for many decades and the name biomesotherapy came into being in the mid-1990’s.   In some countries this therapy is called biopuncture.

Biomesotherapy combines the use of homotoxicological products with the stimulation of acupuncture points, trigger points and pain points in the body with a saline solution.


How does Biomesotherapy work?

Biomesotherapy stimulates the body’s self healing capacities, relaxes muscles and normalizes body system imbalances.

The stimulation of specific points and the administration of homotoxicological products have a synergistic effect of sustained release acupuncture, as well as allowing the homotoxicological remedies instant access to the patient’s matrix where maximal efficacy can be quickly achieved.

A saline solution is inserted subcutaneously to stimulate the extracellular matrix, stimulate deeper organ systems and quickly direct the action of the homoeopathic medicine to the specific site where it is required.

How is Biomesotherapy performed?

A homotoxicological remedy is given under the tongue via a small spray bottle to gain quick absorption into the blood stream.   The solution given is selected for a specific organ or tissue type.

Using an Inject Ease auto-injector device, a fine needle containing less than 1ml of sterile saline solution (exactly the same as the body’s fluid composition) is placed superficially into trigger, acupuncture and pain points.

What is Biomesotherapy useful for?

Biomesotherapy is useful for many types of conditions, but it is especially used for acute and chronic pain, and has been shown to be comparable to cortisone therapy without the added side effects.

Conditions treated include muscular pain, arthritis, lower back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, ankle sprain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, bone spurs, and accelerated recovery from sports injury.  The British athlete, Linford Christie, credited biomesotherapy for healing a career-threatening back injury in 1992, and enabling him to go on and win the Olympic Games 100m gold medal in Barcelona.

More than 20 years of experience in Europe confirm that biomesotherapy provides alleviation of pain, inhibition of inflammation, increased circulation, muscle relaxation, fine nerve endings repair and stimulation of the body’s own healing mechanisms, thus speeding up the process of injury recovery.

Safety and efficiency of Biomesotherapy

Practitioners of Biomesotherapy adhere to strict technical guidelines. They have a duty of care as a professional clinician, which involves using correct technique and sterile disposable material.

The products used in Biomesotherapy meet strict Australian Standards established by the TGA. The diluted natural medicines commonly used contain no impurities, additives or preservatives.

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Does it hurt?

With the Inject Ease device, the needles used are very fine and short.   In most cases, no discomfort is felt by the patient.   Most people are surprised at how easily and quickly the injections are given.