Athletics Coaching

Michael has always been actively involved in health, fitness and sport. He is an athlete himself, specializing in distance running, having begun his athletics career at the age of eleven.

He still trains daily and has competed at international level.

Michael is a Level 4 Track & Field Coach, accredited by the Australian Track & Field Coaches Association. He holds qualifications to coach all track & field athletics events, but he specializes in middle-distance and distance running. Michael coaches athletes from beginner level up to international representation standard.

Training programmes for athletes are tailored to meet the age, ability and stage of development of each individual athlete. For the young athlete, it is important to recognize that children are not mini adults and their training needs are quite different from those of senior athletes. International-level athletes require a very different approach to their training, so that they can be appropriately prepared for the intense high level of competition they will encounter.

With his combined background as an athlete himself, his coaching qualifications, and his clinical expertise, Michael is able to offer a unique comprehensive approach to the training and development of athletes. Through expert coaching athletes are prepared to train and compete successfully in their events. Through the work carried out in the clinic, the athlete’s body is maintained in the best possible condition to try to avoid injuries and to deal quickly with any injury problems, should they occur.